Bolt Threads Logo Small.png

Based in Emeryville CA, Bolt Threads has raised $200+M and is commercializing its breakthrough sustainable bio-materials platform including:

  • Eighteen B scientifically designed skincare - with b-silk protein.

  • Mylo animal-free leather made from mycelium - the underground root structure of mushrooms.

  • Microsilk fibers and fabrics made from spider silk proteins produced at scale using microbial fermentation.

Founded in 2000, Boston-based Modular Genetics has developed a proprietary automated gene engineering system. Modular's first products are fermentation-derived AminoSurf amino acid surfactants. These patented high-performance ingredients are safe, cost-competitive and sustainable - The only products certified as both 100% bio-based and palm oil free for the $40+B global surfactants market.

New ViridisChem Logo.png

The World's most powerful AI software platform for chemical toxicity evaluation.

ViridisChem's industry leading database and tools enable rapid toxicity screening and real-time prediction for chemicals, formulations and reactions, delivering significant speed, cost reduction and product compliance/liability avoidance to Global 1000 pharmaceutical, chemicals and consumer products companies.

Oscilla Power Logo.png

Oscilla Power, based in Seattle, WA has developed the World's 1st commercially viable Wave Power technology. Its patented Triton Wave Energy Converters address all key challenges traditionally associated with wave power including:

cost, performance, survivability and reliability. 100 KW community-scale and 1 MW utility-scale demonstration units are now being constructed for depolyment in Hawaii and India respectively.

WEAV3D Logo.png

A graduate of the #1 global accelerator Plug and Play, WEAV3D has developed a

groundbreaking "polymer rebar" process. Delivering up to 75% cost savings versus traditional composites, WEAV3D lattices are enabling use of lightweight composites in mainstream Automotive & Construction applications. 

Sugarlogix Logo.png

Evolution has tailored human breast milk sugars, also known as Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), to be the most effective prebiotics for babies.

Sugarlogix has developed proprietary biotechnology to produce the missing HMO components for infant formula via fermentation of engineered yeasts.

A graduate of the leading biotech accelerator IndieBio, Geltor has breakthrough biotechnology for recombinant protein production. Initially targeting animal-free collagen and gelatin products for the $100+B tissue engineering, cosmetics, food & beverage, biologic drugs, industrial enzymes and materials markets.

Novol is developing new polymers that enable high performance, ultra-high clarity lenses. Using nature as inspiration, Novol chemists have created lenses with lowest chromatic aberration on market, offering an unparalleled clarity over the entire field of vision – especially formulated for people with very high prescriptions.